Package Content

Once you download the zipped folder from your Themeforest account and extract that. You will get the folder like below:


Inside this folder, you will receive following sub-folders:

  • jumbo-6.x.x/ This is the new Jumbo 6.x update and this folder contains all the new mui5 related changes and updates to all the dependency packages. Inside this folder, you can find following sub-folders.

    • cra-full-demo/ This folder contains source code for the CRA version. You can use this folder to setup your project with all the components presented in our demo. However, we recommend you start with the starter-kits and use the libraries as per the requirement to minimize the bundle package.

    • cra-starter-kit/ This folder can be considered as a starter to setup your Create React App project with minimal and required libraries.

  • jumbo-5.x.x/ This folder contains the older version 5.x of Jumbo which is based on mui4. This Jumbo 5.x version will no longer be supported after 31st Aug 2022 and we highly recommend you to move to Jumbo 6.x. More detail about this jumbo-5.x version can be found on its detailed documentation here: Jumbo 5.x Documentation

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